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          Event Checklist




This checklist has been developed to assist event/trail ride chairpersons in the preparation, execution and closure of Saddle Sore Rider sponsored functions.  Please provide all updates and improvement suggestions to the SSR President.




Attend SSR Board Meetings for the two (2) months preceding the event/trail ride to discuss the event agenda and obtain funding to prepare for the event. Attend SSR Board Meeting immediately following your event


Mentor assigned to assist.                                      YES____NO____


Reservation for facility confirmed.                               YES____NO_____

Nellie Weaver Hall @ Parks & Recreation

 @ (909) 270-5632   Verify fees with Parks and Recreation!!!

Hall will be opened from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. for decorating.

Hall will be re-opened at 7:00 P.M. for dance.


Lower Parking Lot at Ingalls Park.  Verify fees with Parks and Recreation!!!

Deposit of $50.00 is pre-paid at beginning of calendar year.


Hidden Valley               Ranger John Vint (909) 785-7452

For use of Johnís personal residence as staging area, contact John at home.

     Home: (909) 785-6362


Pioneertown:  Contact @760 365-4879 for Motel.




ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) License is required when alcohol is sold at any event.  If the event is a trail ride, the licensing information must identify EACH stop where alcohol is to be sold.  A letter from the property owner is also needed which must contain the address, date, time, and phone number of said property owner.  Contact Sandy Reily @ (951) 278-2865 and she will arrange for issuance of the license.  Cost is $25.00 per stop for the Liquor license (which includes all types of beverages sold), $15.00 per stop for beer only and $15.00 per stop for wine only.  The fee is paid for EACH STOP of the event.  The license is issued from the ABC Riverside District Office, The California Towers, 3737 Main Street, Suite 900, Riverside, CA 92501 (909) 782-4400, FAX (909) 781-0531].  If clarification is needed in Sandy's absence, please contact the ABC. Our contact is Ed Harris, Supervising Investigator at ABC.





Updated 09/14/12

  Contact us via E-mail webmaster@saddlesoreriders.org   

or Call and leave a message at 951-TO-SSR-85 (951-867-7785)

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